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Project Partners

We pride ourselves in being project partners, not just consultants. We thrive when given a problem to solve, and that doesn’t just mean coming up with a solution – it means implementing the solution.

Our team boasts a broad range of staff members and consultants to help you maximize your effectiveness.

Local Government

Counties, Municipalities & Authorities, in Pennsylvania


Community & Economic Development, Social Services

Social Enterprises

Double-bottom-line for-profits

Ben Kafferlin

Ben Kafferlin


Policy & Procedure Management

Strategic Planning, Design and Implementation

Community & Economic Development

County Government Management

814-313-1271 Ext: 1001

Lisa Hagberg

Lisa Hagberg


Fund Accounting, Budgeting, Fiscal Policy

Human Resource Management

Community Development

Municipal Government Management

814-313-1271 Ext: 1059

Doug Kafferlin

Doug Kafferlin


Policy & Procedure Management

Software, Process & Electrical Engineering

Information Technology

Industrial Economic Development

814-313-1271 Ext: 1058

Christine Matteson

Christine Matteson

Senior Consultant

Environmental Compliance

Grant Writing

Grant Administration

814-313-1271 Ext: 1018

Reilly Enlow

Reilly Enlow

Senior Consultant

Fund Accounting


Municipal Government

814-313-1271 Ext: 1063

Andrew Smith

Andrew Smith


Software Design & Coding

Website Development

IT Systems Administration

814-313-1271 Ext: 1043

Bobbi Jo Kafferlin

Bobbi Jo Kafferlin


Development Financing

Loan Management


814-313-1271 Ext: 1061



Have you ever felt like you’re constantly moving from one crisis to another, or noticed that your team agrees on a plan but struggles to follow through? We understand these challenges. Our team is here to assist you in evaluating the status quo, strategizing an actionable plan, and providing project management support to ensure accountability to your commitments.
Employee Satisfaction Surveys
Community & Economic Plans
Strategic Action Plans (SAP)
Strategic Management Plans (STMP)
Process Engineering
Policy Development


Have you ever faced the sudden departure of key staff, or been thrust into a crisis requiring an immediate expansion of your team? We’re prepared to address these challenges. Whether it’s filling interim positions, managing turnover without a succession plan in place, or overseeing a temporary project or process reform, our approach is hands-on. We follow a do, teach, coach model, ensuring lasting solutions and knowledge transfer.
Crisis Communications
Intervention & Investigations
Project Management
Interim Management
Leadership Accountability
Technology Integration


Are you familiar with the struggles of deferred maintenance or the lack of funds to meet your capital needs? Does it feel like you’re always playing catch-up, pouring resources into maintaining equipment that’s at the end of its life? We specialize in helping you gain the financial footing necessary to stay ahead of your needs, ensuring you can invest wisely and avoid the cycle of constant repair and replacement.
Capital Improvement Plans (CIP)
Performance-Based Budgets (PBB)
Compensation Analysis
Budget Reallocation
Grant Writing & Administration
Fiscal Interim Management



Re-Imagining Public Service

Re-imaging Public ServiceA Podcast with Nancy Hess Listen HereGovernment and politics are subjects banned at many family dinners and reunions. Everyone has strong opinions about what is or is not being done by their elected officials and it seems as though no one can...

Public Administry

Public Administry A Partial Vision for a "Dominionated World" You don't need to be a Latin expert to notice the connection between "ministry" and "administration." Understanding the etymology of these words can reveal important insights into their meaning and how the...

Maintaining Management with ‘POSDCORB’

Maintaining Management with "POSDCORB"When Luther Gulick and Lyndall Urwick, members of President Roosevelt’s administrative committee, originally penned their thoughts about the structure of administration in 1935, they had no way of knowing the impact it would have...


  We all know how frustrating it can be to be late for work in the morning, finally get on the road, and suddenly discover that the fog settled in so thick overnight that you can hardly see the car in front of you. Torn between the need not to be late (again) and...

New Partnership – Creaplan Consulting

        How many days do you leave work feeling like you accomplished little to none of what you intended? Do you ever look at your calendar and feel like you never have a moment to simply breathe? Or perhaps your calendar is far more empty than it should be because...

New Partnership Alert – Scantek

Far too often, organizations find themselves with piles of paperwork cluttering up their workspace. Entire rooms are often dedicated to the storage of documents, with shelves of information stacked high. These rooms are often cluttered and hard to navigate, leaving...
Business Process Mapping

Too Busy Not To

As the nature of industry has shifted in recent years to accommodate more agile businesses such as small manufacturing job shops, creative agencies, and freelance workers, the idea of having a business management system has started to disappear.   The millennial...


Just as benchmarks provided surveyors with a consistent placement to build upon, Kafferlin Strategies seeks to help organizations discover their full potential by benchmarking. We help clients understand themselves, recognize where they are in the landscape, set guidelines within which the organization can operate, and establish parameters of success. Only with an honest assessment do we have a sure foundation from which to build upon. That is to say, from our perspective, benchmarking is an integral part – even the first step – of strategic planning and implementation.

Lessons from Children and Gardeners

How Corrective and Preventative Action, Root Cause Analysis and Risk Analysis Work Together for Strong Businesses You’ve heard it many times. A child of about age 5 will perpetually ask “Why? Why? Why?” again and again. It’s kind of cute to observe and kind of...

How to Maintain Independence

“Revolution,” much less the American Revolution, should not be thought of as a one-off. There is a reason the root word is “revolve.” Like a rotating wheel, America is in constant, cyclical flux. Every generation experiences the friction, as we can see even by...


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Kafferlin Strategies… provided interim management services and not only did they apply for numerous grants—half a dozen from Pennsylvania and an equal number from federal sources—but they also significantly improved our accounting processes. Their leadership in strategic planning and their adept representation of our organization were very helpful. Ben was a turn-key solution for us, bringing deep knowledge of management and local government operations. At the same time, their team-based approach meant they had a bench of specialized consultants in grant writing, fund accounting, development finance, and technology, as needed. We benefited from specialized skills without the overhead of a larger permanent team. I found the collaboration not just effective but transformative.

Kristy E.

Chair, Redevelopment Authority

We have had the opportunity to work with Kafferlin Strategies on several assignments. Two characteristics of their work have really impressed me – they are objective and effective!
Wayne Jackson

President, Country Manor Management Services

The Kafferlin Strategies team was a great assistant to us all. […] Separating fact from fiction, and uncovering the necessary details […] was no easy undertaking. That task was ably performed by our research team. Well done.
Rick Santorum

U.S. Senator, Presidential Candidate

Thanks to the persistent direction and planning of the Kafferlin Strategies team, my intricate vision is bearing fruit. We owe much to their organizational wherewithal, strategic know-how and academic expertise, as well as their ability to brand, market and promote my message most effectively.
Dr. John Diamond

Executive Director, Peacemakers Outreach

Working with Kafferlin Strategies has been a pleasure for me as I work to set up my non-profit organization. Their professionalism and attention to detail has presented me with options to help me implement my vision. The advice and suggestions that have been offered have been sound and very appropriate for the organization’s direction.
Lynne Mattioli

Executive Director, Rachel's Cry

I was thoroughly impressed by Ben and Lisa’s unwavering commitment and willingness to drop everything to assist me. Their deep expertise in restructuring and applying organizational theory proved to be both practically and tactically invaluable. They skillfully navigated complex interpersonal dynamics with a fresh and innovative approach. Ben and Lisa developed iterative scenarios for board action that greatly facilitated the achievement of our long-term goals.


Chair, Pennsylvania Township

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