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Project Partners - Not Consultants

Designing and Implementing Creative Management Solutions


Kafferlin Strategies project manages the planning, implementation, and maintenance of management systems, focusing on local government, small non-profits, and small manufacturers in the Western Pennsylvania region.





Just as benchmarks provided surveyors with a consistent placement to build upon, Kafferlin Strategies seeks to help organizations discover their full potential by benchmarking. We help clients understand themselves, recognize where they are in the landscape, set guidelines within which the organization can operate, and establish parameters of success. Only with an honest assessment do we have a sure foundation from which to build upon. That is to say, from our perspective, benchmarking is an integral part – even the first step – of strategic planning and implementation.

Lessons from Children and Gardeners

How Corrective and Preventative Action, Root Cause Analysis and Risk Analysis Work Together for Strong Businesses You’ve heard it many times. A child of about age 5 will perpetually ask “Why? Why? Why?” again and again. It’s kind of cute to observe and kind of...

How to Maintain Independence

“Revolution,” much less the American Revolution, should not be thought of as a one-off. There is a reason the root word is “revolve.” Like a rotating wheel, America is in constant, cyclical flux. Every generation experiences the friction, as we can see even by...

Being of Our Being

“We will not deny to any man either justice or right.” – Magna Carta, 1215 If you visit the National Archives in Washington, DC, you will find massive doors, impressive high ceilings, granite and marble, and (usually) a reverent ambiance. Inside the somber dark...

We Were Poor But Didn’t Know It

Charles Murray’s seminal work, Coming Apart, focused on the segregation of Caucasian Americans by income into zip codes. In many ways, Robert Putnam’s Our Kids: The American Dream in Crisis picks up where Murray’s work left off – measuring and evaluating social and...

Crisis Management

Last month, I had the distinct pleasure of speaking at the CCCA Allegheny Sectional. The title of the presentation was Damage Control: Communication Planning for Crisis Situations and the PDF is attached here.   Let’s say your organization suffers from property...

What Can a Risk Assessment Do? How About Increased Safety & Lower Costs

All too often in business, we allow the immediate to get in the way of the important. Every customer expects instant solutions, every quality issue demands an immediate response, and every supplier expects their payment to arrive yesterday. We get it. At the same...

Memento Mori

About this time last year, I had the opportunity to romp through England, Wales and Scotland. Exploring ancient abbeys and graveyards made me feel an odd kind of hiraeth—a Welsh term, fittingly, that refers to “a homesickness for a home to which you cannot return, a...

Aristotle for Entrepreneurs

Brandon Zaffini & Ben Kafferlin Today’s entrepreneur would benefit from an occasional history lesson. She would do well to heed the advice of ancient philosophers like Aristotle and Plato. Really. Consider the following from Aristotle, a theorist who was not...

Politics, Millennials, and the Promise of Christmas

One of Charles Dickens’ most beloved characters reforms his churlish ways only after confronting his past, present and future on the night of Christmas Eve. And though discomforting, we Americans would ourselves benefit from reflecting, like Scrooge, on our past and...


We have had the opportunity to work with Kafferlin Strategies on several assignments. Two characteristics of their work have really impressed me – they are objective and effective!
Wayne Jackson

President, Country Manor Management Services

The Kafferlin Strategies team was a great assistant to us all. […] Separating fact from fiction, and uncovering the necessary details […] was no easy undertaking. That task was ably performed by our research team. Well done.
Rick Santorum

U.S. Senator, Presidential Candidate

Thanks to the persistent direction and planning of the Kafferlin Strategies team, my intricate vision is bearing fruit. We owe much to their organizational wherewithal, strategic know-how and academic expertise, as well as their ability to brand, market and promote my message most effectively.
Dr. John Diamond

Executive Director, Peacemakers Outreach

Working with Kafferlin Strategies has been a pleasure for me as I work to set up my non-profit organization. Their professionalism and attention to detail has presented me with options to help me implement my vision. The advice and suggestions that have been offered have been sound and very appropriate for the organization’s direction.
Lynne Mattioli

Executive Director, Rachel's Cry

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