Re-imaging Public Service

A Podcast with Nancy Hess

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Government and politics are subjects banned at many family dinners and reunions. Everyone has strong opinions about what is or is not being done by their elected officials and it seems as though no one can find neutral ground.

Perhaps this will always be the case, however, it is possible that by re-defining public service at the local level, government could begin to build rather than destroy bridges with their communities.


Ben Kafferlin and Lisa Hagberg shared their opinions on the shortcomings of local government in a recent interview with Nancy Hess of PCC Local Time” Ben stated “I regret that we as a culture have lost sight of being public servants” He continued to point out that he does not take this lightly, “I mean look at the word servant for just a second. Not something you are going to find on most people’s job descriptions or on a resume anymore and I think that we have lost sight of that.”

Ben believes that this idea of servanthood in local government is a result of a disconnection from the original vision, mission, and goals which our government was established on.

With the hope of returning the current bureaucracy to its forgotten roots of public servitude, Ben and Lisa share many encouraging ideas and provide practical steps to begin this process. To hear more on the subject, we encourage you to listen to the full podcast here.