Creaplan Consulting

Master your calendar and reduce work-related stress with Kafferlin Strategies’ newest training opportunity

A New Partnership…

Kafferlin Strategies is excited to announce our new partnership with Creaplan Consulting.

This new collaboration will enhance our client’s ability to implement and improve the many management procedures and strategic planning principles that Kafferlin Strategies already teaches.

12 Weeks


Personalized Coaching

Achievable Action Steps

Email Support

Ever feel like:

  • There are not enough hours in a day
  • To-do lists never get done
  • Long days end with few results
  • The calendar dictates everything
  • Hiring more people solves nothing

Get More Done

Achieve Your Goals

Master Organization

Free your Schedule

These coaching sessions are designed to boost productivity and help you reach your goals. They will help you master organization and reduce your work-related stress. Topics will include how to eliminate time-wasting distractions, developing the habit of deep work time, creating weekly plans, and establishing a running task list.

Stop wasting valuable time and eliminate unnecessary clutter from your life – talk with us today about how you can join this new coaching service!