Far too often, organizations find themselves with piles of paperwork cluttering up their workspace. Entire rooms are often dedicated to the storage of documents, with shelves of information stacked high. These rooms are often cluttered and hard to navigate, leaving employees to fear the day they are called to venture in.

In addition to creating clutter and a need for storage, paper documents, even when filed correctly, take time to locate – and “following a paper trail” can significantly impact productivity.

Even if your organization doesn’t house such a room of despair, the use of paper documents is likely hindering efficiency.

For years, Kafferlin Strategies has worked alongside its clients to streamline processes and increase overall company effectiveness. Part of this process includes learning to identify areas where time and resources are wasted and eliminating those problems.

Towards that end, Kafferlin Strategies is excited to announce its recent partnership with Scantek, a company specializing in digitizing documents.

Recognizing that in this age of technology, paper systems have become outdated and slow, Scantek helps organizations utilize technology designed to store documents electronically. Working with content management systems like Laserfiche and other similar programs, documents are scanned, organized, and indexed in a secure, easy-to-use database accessible across multiple devices.

Documents are identified by various important fields (such as name, date of birth, or document type) and stored on Scantek’s secure cloud platform, making the information accessible in a matter of moments wherever it is needed.

By helping to streamline processes and eliminate clutter, the partnership between Kafferlin Strategies and Scantek will open further doors of opportunity for clients looking for ways they can succeed in the competitive world of business.