With new ideas come the over ambition and desire to do everything that advances the project. To make such ideas flourish, however, there needs to be a sense of organization to the thoughts and a plan of action. To achieve this goal, we recommend for our clients to consider strategic planning. Here at Kafferlin Strategies, our team works with a variety of strategic planning methods, such as visual mind mapping, planning documents, and help sessions, to ensure that your ideas are going in the right direction.

Visual mind mapping is the process of sorting through your new ideas in order to create a successful and tangible project. Once we are aware of exactly what you are thinking, we can take the next step in reaching your goal, which involves the creation of a planning document. In this document we help lay down explicitly what needs to be done, from steps you can take to get donors to other organizations you can align with to get your ideas heard. And what is special about Kafferlin Strategies is our willingness to help you every step of the way with your strategic planning. We are willing to do what is needed from answering questions to debating ideas, for we know our help is crucial in the advancement of your project.

We have done strategic planning for numerous clients, such as Doorkeepers, John Diamond, Corry Metal Furniture, and the Rapp for Representative campaign. Strategic planning is a vital step for the success of a new project, and here at Kafferlin Strategies we have the skills to provide the guidance you need.