Empowering Causes by Expanding Networks

General Information

Narrator was started due to the shift in nonprofit donor bases. The manners in which businesses were able to receive money from the Baby Boomers will not have the same effect on their kids and grandkids. The solution, however, isn’t simply technology. For nonprofits to thrive, they must use a wise and purposeful mixture of proven techniques and tools. Narrator has three core beliefs: people are social, donors are partners, and building a large donor base means getting more personal, not less. Through the help of Narrator, one is able to see success and growth for his nonprofit business.

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Products and Services

Narrator can assist businesses in both the short and long-term sense, including areas such as growing donor bases, growing budgets, enhancing communication, and building capacity.

Growing Donor Bases

Donors look for those who are passionate about his work and are thrilled when they find such people. Narrator will help businesses find the right people who are willing to give. They will also help such groups engage their donors so they can keep them around.


Growing Budgets

Narrator understands that the main way to grow one’s budget is through the retention of donors. This development is achieved through a variety of means:

  • Development plan for each donor type
  • Analysis of donor base
  • Network-based strategies for growth
  • Assistance for grants, appeal letters and social ad campaigns
  • Generational transitions

Enhancing Communications

Nonprofits have trouble with staying connected with communications. Narrator has the means for helping businesses in that manner. They will make sure businesses have the right tools and skills to improve in such areas. Narrator understands that communications is the key to success, and through improved communication larger goals can be reached.


Principal’s Biography


After graduating from Princeton University, Narrator founder Brian Brown spent five years first working in public policy in Washington, D.C. and then running communications operations for a $500 million private foundation in Colorado.

He was consistently struck by the need for nonprofits to develop better ways to connect with and build relationships with likely donors. While the business sector developed superb infrastructure using new technologies, the nonprofit sector remained stuck with techniques that were out of date over a decade earlier.

Brian has spent 10 years observing changes in the way people share information, approach social issues, and get involved. He closely follows academic fields like social network theory and psychology, and combines the latest knowledge from those fields with his expertise on social media, email marketing, nonprofit communications, and fundraising. So when he works with clients, he’s bringing them the best practices of a combination of fields, including their own.

Brian was one of the primary authors of Philanthropy Roundtable’s Almanac of American Philanthropy (2013), and a contributing author to Why Place Matters: Geography, Identity and Civic Life in Modern America(2014). He has published numerous white papers and articles through Narrator, and his research and cultural commentary has been published in The New Atlantis, RealClearPolitics, The Daily Beast, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, The American Conservative, Public Discourse, and other major newspapers and blogs.