“Inquisitiveness” is practically a requirement to be on the Kafferlin Strategies team. We’re always willing to dig into a new topic or area of study to get a sufficient grasp of a subject for our clients. In order to better understand our client’s market, we’ve had students of politics take a class on electrical engineering!

“Quick Turnaround” is often the name of the game in the new, fast-paced environment—and that’ll only increase in our technology-driven lives. Whether trying to be the first one to print a story, stake out your territory on the political arena, get your product in front of customers before your competition, or just get something done in a jiffy, we’re here to make achieve the stated objective ASAP.

We can turn around work faster than many competitors through crowd-sourcing our workload. Most of the team isn’t bogged down with major clients who take up 90% of their time—they work for a couple hours a day and spread the load between their co-workers, depending on need, availability, and expertise.