Kafferlin Strategies are registered as a Limited Liability Company in Pennsylvania, but also consider ourselves a social enterprise, due to our company vision, mission, and objectives.






Supplemental Income

Provide supplemental income academic-minded, hark-working individuals who aren’t seeking full-time employment, such as stay-at-home moms, graduate school students and retirees.


Foster a culture of mentorship, where more experienced contractors and retirees train young people new to their field

Stepping Stone

Encourage skill development and work experience among younger staff, enabling them to get full-time jobs in their desired field



After working with different consulting firms for about three years, Ben Kafferlin noticed that most organizations, at some point, have an overflow of work and need a “back office” to do research. Depending on the market, that sometimes takes the form of market research, opposition research, landscape analysis, or a gap survey. But fundamentally the need – and the solution – is the same: Almost everybody needs a talented crew of part-time researchers to handle overflow.

Kafferlin Strategies was officially born as a Pennsylvania LLC in January, 2014. The mission is to serve: 1) businesses and start-ups with basic market research and planning  solutions; 2) foundations and non-profits with market research and network management solutions; and 3) politicians and political organizations with landscape research and strategic planning.

Ben started pulling together a team of talented friends, all who are keen researchers and writers and capable of responsible and independent work. Every person comes to the table with a different skill set, network, and field of expertise, which makes dynamic brainstorming and broad-minded research.

In its short life, the company has already taken on some big clients and ably met their research, writing, and consulting needs. Always ready for the next opportunity to serve, the team looks forward to hearing how we could help you and your organization.

I often admired the infinite art with which the inhabitants of the United States managed to fix a common goal to the efforts of many men and to get them to advance to it freely. – Alexis de Tocqueville

Over lunch one lazy Sunday afternoon in the summer of 2013, a wise friend, social critic and author asked us to “look around at this society and tell me, what breaks your heart? Because that’s where you should focus your efforts.” The ensuing conversation planted the seed for what became Kafferlin Strategies.

Although our company strives to identify and combat many social ills, the root problem that concerns us most is the breakdown of communities, evidenced in so many forms. Our vision is to see civil society flourish by well-run organizations working energetically at the community level.

Alexis de Tocqueville noted that the American people “become [or] remain civilized” by the creation of civic organizations and voluntary societies. Americans “associate for the goals of public security, of commerce and industry, of morality and religion.” He went as far as to say, “There is nothing the human will despairs of attaining by the free action of the collective power of individuals.”

American communities were thriving when Tocqueville published this turn of phrase in 1840 because of what he called the “mother science” of our society – the “science of association.” And our knowledge and development of this science has only grown since Tocqueville penned his observation. Functioning between family and government, there are, at present, countless “mediating institutions” – the fire departments, churches, businesses, little leagues, book clubs, etc. – that enrich our lives and communities. Tocqueville marveled that democracy thrived by a myriad of them – “a thousand [different] kinds: religious, moral, grave, futile, very general and very particular, immense and very small.”

But today we also see lesser institutions faltering, particularly in small or poor communities. While we can’t solve this problem by ourselves, or bring about our vision alone, we hope to make a dent where we can.

Our mission is to support the management of local businesses, non-profits, and public figures by working side-by-side on development and communication projects.

Our services take on different forms, but our most common elixir is  aiding decision-makers in the management of their organizations, whether through planning development and communications strategies, or project management and implementation.

As a team, we are pleased to find more businesses, NGOs and public figures that understand our vision and are eager to work with us. We’re further thrilled to see so many talented friends join us in our efforts to help local associations realize their missions and, ultimately, make their communities flourish.